Wednesday, 4 May 2011

You Are Your Business Brand

Being self-employed or a business owner - how you look, act and behave can impact on the reputation of your business and your bottom line.

You are your business and with that you are your business’ brand.  Being self-employed and/or a business owner means that your brand and your business brand are really one in the same.

Even ignoring your business cards, your website, your telephone answering techniques, your logo, your marketing materials ... et al - there is more than that to think about!!
  • how you respond publicly and privately to clients or suppliers
  • how you talk with staff, colleagues and team members
  • what you say about your competitors
  • how you present yourself at industry events
  • the thoughts and comments you share with others – on and off line

... it ALL impacts - not only your personal brand, but your business’ brand - and this can impact your sales, your income and your customers buying habits.

So whilst I and many others would love to say what we really think, in true life and in business we can’t always do that.  Online and in public it comes down to finding the right topics and issues on which to comment and give your opinion on - whilst at the same time finding a positive way or appropriate way to say what you think. Even more importantly it is knowing when it’s better not to say anything at all!

When you ARE the business we need to consider every ‘touch point’ and every interaction. Every email, every conversation and every meeting is Public in one way or another – and it’s on YOUR record. 

In fact the younger generation should think further – see the blog by Andy Pickles - He makes an excellent case. 

It is amazing what some people will say in writing, in a blog post or in a tweet. In this digital age, personal and business lines are most definitely blurred. Every photo on Facebook and every Tweet is a very public and a pretty visible record of your personal brand.

If you’re not sure about your personal or business brand take a step back and have an objective look, ask others for feedback, survey your clients or contact me to find out how I can help -

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